Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) Safety Gear Tips

The Motorcycle Industry Council, or MIC, offers many great recommendations to ensure the safety of our nation’s two-wheel enthusiasts.  Riding skills are key to keeping yourself and your bike upright and out of an accident.  Being alert, knowing the rules of the road, riding defensively, not taking ill-conceived risks, and a mastery of riding skills are all paramount.

But one aspect of motorcycle safety which is all too often overlooked is safety gear.  How many times have you seen someone riding without gloves, boots, or a helmet in those states where you can ride without one?  You might think you look cool going sans safety gear, but road rash isn’t stylish on anyone. 

Summary of the MIC’s Safety Gear Tips:

  • Helmet:  Full-face helmets are highly recommended.  Don’t skimp on this item.  Your helmet is motorcycle insurance for your head.
  • Gloves:  Never ride without gloves. Even better, buy a pair with armor built into the knuckles.  After all, your hands are typically the first thing to hit the pavement if you go down.
  • Boots:  Sneakers, or even worse — flip flops — have no business on a motorcycle.  They will be torn away by contact with the pavement.  Wear boots that cover you ankle to prevent joint injuries.  Opt for specialized armored riding boots if you will be riding enthusiastically.
  • Pants:  Never ride in shorts.  Pants, either leather or denim or kevlar-infused, are crucial.

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