Becoming a Motorcycle Mechanic

Many two-wheeled enthusiasts dream of turning their passion for bikes into a profession.  Even at least one of us here at Motorcycle Insurance Co have thought of doing so, especially after reading the great new book by moto mechanic and philosophy PhD Matthew B. Crawford:  Shop Class as Soulcraft:  An Inquiry into the Value of Work.  Pick up this book if you enjoy bikes and working with your hands.  It can be philosophically dense at times, but you won’t be disappointed.

There are now a number of trade schools that specialized in training students to become motorcycle mechanics.  If you watch SPEED, you have probably seen some of the infomercials.  We’ll give you a quick rundown of the schools and their tuition costs; you can read up further at HotBikeWeb’s Back to School article.

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI):  campuses in Phoenix and Orlando.  Tuition costs:  $20-30K.
  • WyoTech-Daytona:  campus in Ormond Beach, FL.  Tuition costs:  around 23.3K
  • PowerSport Institute (PSI):  campus at Ohio Technical Institute in Cleveland.  Tuition costs:  $18.4K

Most of these institute allow students to specialize in a certain career path, such as V-Twin/H-D courses or a more import-focused approach.