2010 A Stellar Year For Ducati Product Placement

Product placements in movies these days are so pervasive that they often slip past unnoticed – at least on a conscious level.  But website brandchannel.com actually keeps track of where, how, and how often products are featured in films and TV.  In fact, they have a yearly set of awards for brand placement:  The Brandcameo Awards. 

The winners for 2010 were just announced this week, and Ducati enjoyed a 2nd place finish in the Readers Choice Awards.  Second only to all-pervasive Apple, Ducati enjoyed placements in the following films that hit #1 at the boxoffice:

  • The Expendables
  • Takers
  • Wall Street:  Money Never Sleeps
  • Knight and Day
  • Tron:  Legacy

By far, the most significant of these was Tron, according to Ducati reps.  Wondering how much these stellar spots cost the company in Bologna? 

Nothing.  Not a single cent.

Here at The Motorcycle Insurance Company, we love Ducs, so we weren’t too surprised.  It’s just a testament to the emotional punch offered by Ducati products.