Removable Motorcycle Batteries: A Nod Towards Convenience

All electric scooters and motorcycles present the same challenge to potential buyers. The battery is stationary, so you either have to have an outlet in your garage or hire an electrician to add one. The Zero XU is the first electric motorcycle to feature a removable battery. Hopefully, it will be followed by a long line of copycats.

The removable battery pack allows a wider range of buyers to enjoy an electric motorcycle. In large cities not everyone has access to ground level charging. Frequently, an electric vehicle has to be removed as a transportation option because of the lack of a charging area. The Zero XU allows its owner to remove the battery and carry it to the charger. Add the ‘quick-charge’ unit and you can have a full charge available in one hour.

The only way to expand market share is to offer a product that is of high quality and convenient for its potential buyers. Zero Motorcycles has done just that with a removable battery. Thumbs up to them.

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