The Unveiling of an American Sport-Tourer

Motus Motorcycles has finally unveiled its first production motorcycles. The Motus MST-01 and MST-R are the embodiment of the company, its founders, and future direction.

The unveiling took place at the Pratt&Miller facilities in Michigan where the frames were engineered. The lightweight design of the frame is pushed along by a 1,654 cc V4 version of the powerhouse that motivates the Corvette Racing C6R. The engine weighs a mere 130 pounds and is only 18 inches at its widest point. The V4 provides 160 horses and more than enough torque for the average rider. Sadly, Motus has not been able to determine the extent of the torque for those of you who need to see exact specs.

160 horse may not sound like an overpowering amount until you consider that it is attached to a bike that only weighs a total of 500 lbs. That weight is on a well appointed bike that you can tour around town in or take on a decent length trip. Surely, you can think of ways to lower the weight and increase the horsepower, if you really want to that is.

With an initial offering like the MST-01 and MST-R, Motus should not have much of a problem carving out its own niche and market within the motorcycle community. The new bikes are barely in production and many enthusiasts are excited to see future offerings from this up-and-coming company.  So far, this American-built sport-tourer is not yet showing up in the databases of most motorcycle insurance companies.

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