10 Top Roads For Motorcyclists

No matter how comfortable cars become, nothing beats a chance to ride the open road on a motorcycle. There is just a certain sense of freedom and daring that can not be found anywhere else. Here are ten roads that are great for touring from the back of a bike.

  1. Arkansas Highway 23
  2. Maine State Route 201 a.k.a the Benedict Arnold Highway
  3. Natchez Trace Parkway
  4. Arizona Route 15
  5. New York Route 47
  6. California State Route 1 a.k.a. Pacific Coast Highway
  7. Route 66
  8. Nevada State 375 a.k.a. The Extraterrestrial Highway 
  9. New Hampshire State Road 112 a.k.a The Kancamagus Highway
  10. US-550 a.k.a The Million Dollar Highway

These highways all offer interesting terrain changes, great scenery, and some are closed to commercial traffic making for a great ride. There are small hotels along the way for when you go numb from the butt down.  Just remember:  you must have motorcycle insurance to ride in any of these states – it’s the law.