Pennsylvania To Step Into The Modern Era Of Hedonism?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Pennsylvania is making progress towards hedonism. The state legislature is considering the unthinkable: motorcycle dealers may be allowed to sell on Sunday.

The moral indignation is palpable. How dare someone make a profit on the Lord’s day. Well, someone besides the churches who are more than glad to pass the plate from member to member. The law may only condemn motorcycle dealers. It does not allow the succubus car dealers to be open for business.

The bill has been passed by the House and is set to be voted on by the Senate, soon. Hope still flickers that it will fail, allowing for the salvation of the demon dealers. It is hard to imagine that a state will let you drive through a liquor store to get your booze, but not allow a legitimate businessperson to conduct business any day they please.  In any case, remember that you will need Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance, no matter what day of the week you buy your next bike.