Helmet Law Battle In Michigan

It is a classic battle between freedom of choice and what the government and for profit industries want. Motorcycle riders would like to have the freedom to choose to wear a helmet and their opponents want to limit or rescind that freedom.

There is a bill under consideration that would allow Michigan riders to have their choice. Riders claim that the law will change nothing. Riders are still being injured and killed in crashes, so helmets are not changing anything. On the other hand, medical experts and motorcycle insurance companies claim that not requiring helmets will cause the number of injuries and deaths to increase and cause insurance rates to go up.

This is the third time that the law has been brought before the Michigan legislature. It was passed twice, but vetoed by then Governor Jennifer Granholm. It is hard to decide who is right. Americans should have the right to make their own decisions, but when those decisions infringe on others by raising their insurance costs, it turns into a conundrum. What are your thoughts?