Ariel Getting Back Into Bikes

You have to be a bit of a motorcycle aficionado to recognize the Ariel brand. Of course, if your are truly a motorcycle aficionado, you would never use aficionado in a sentence. Anyway, the company made some sweet bikes from 1902 until 1970, when it became part of BSA, which, in turn, melded with Triumph.

To shorten the corporate story a bit, Ariel has lately been making custom open air cars.  High-end cars mind you, but cars nonetheless. The cars are built around a custom Honda engine. Well, Ariel is considering a move back into motorcycles on the custom scale. The bike platform will use a Honda motor, but will otherwise be made entirely to order. A buyer will be given the choice of positions for the seat, foot pegs, and handlebars to get the riding position just right. It is being billed as ”more usable and fun.” than a superbike. Projected retail is $33,000.

That is a lot of cabbage for a bike, so the new Ariel may only find a niche market, but niche markets are what the company specializes in.