Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer On-Shoring Jobs

At a time when many green manufacturers are stumbling, electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo is planning to build a 30,000+ square foot facility in Ashland, OR.  The new facility would be focused on research and design for all new products as well as prototype manufacturing for new models.  Up to 200 employees would eventually work at the new facility, a sixfold increase from the current 40 or so who work for Brammo currently.

Brammo’s popular Enertia and Engage models have built them a name in Europe, where the company recently purchased 16 racetracks for exclusive electric dirt bike use.  Brammo’s plans include future development of up to 100 similarly themed electric dirtbike racetracks to be opened in metropolitan areas across the U.S.  However, those plans depend on the outcome of the first park, planned in Ashland as part of the company’s expansion.  The track would eventually house a third Brammo building built directly on top of the test track. 

Although some members of the Ashland planning commission expressed a possible concern over dust created by the test track, CEO Craig Bramscher assured them that the tracks would be properly watered and maintained to prevent dust from being a problem. 

The next step for Brammo will be finding a lender for the project, as well as a suitable building contractor. Stay at the Motorcycle Insurance Company – we’ll keep you posted!