Harley-Davidson Expanding Engine Remanufacturing (Reman)

Harley-Davidson, arguably makers of the most well-known motorcycles in the world, has added three more engine models to its Engine Remanufacturing (Reman) Program.  The newly added models are:

  • Twin Cam 96
  • Twin Cam 103
  • CVO Twin Cam 103 (model years 2003-2006)

As part of the program, Harley-Davidson dealers package up and send off the old engine to a special facility, which then tears down the engine completely.  Everything that needs to be replaced is, and everything that isn’t replaced is cleaned and re-powder coated.  After reassembly, the engine is thoroughly tested before being given a new one-year warranty, and two weeks later the engine is back at the original dealer’s doorstep. 

A major advantage to owners of utilizing the official Harley-Davidson Reman program is that the original VIN engine assigned to the bike remains the same, keeping resale value at its highest. 

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