LCD Motorcycle Visors Hitting the Market

The technology Air Force fighter pilots use to filter glare, changing smoke and cloud coverage, and sunlight from their sight is now in the visors of motorcycle helmets. AlphaMicron Inc. has incorporated the liquid crystal applications into their e-Tint AX-10 and AX-10 ARAI, the company’s two newest LCD motorcycle visor insert additions.

With these visors mounted to the front of their face shields, motorcyclists can modify the tint of their visors in less than one-tenth of a second to match their surrounding environment. Remember, fighter pilots depend upon this technology.

Talking about the game-changing nature of these new visor inserts, Bahman Taheri, CEO of AlphaMicron, said, “Riders often face crucial challenges with varying light conditions: cloud coverage changes, bright sun blazing at the end of a tunnel, gaps of sunlight piercing through buildings.”

Taheri added, “For years, the motorcycle market has tried a host of mechanical solutions to reduce these hassles and safety risks. Finally, the world has been given an innovative, electronic solution: instantaneous tint on demand. Without a doubt, e-Tint is a quantum leap in visor technology and is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry.”