Motorcycle License Plates to be Worn in the Philippines

Bikers in the Philippines may soon be made to wear their license plates upon a vest in a police-lead effort to keep riders from using their steeds while committing crimes.

The police of Zamboanga City are saying that crime is so rampant within their independent, chartered city in Mindanao, Philippines that the vested license plates are needed to help law enforcement officers curtail illegal activities. Talking about this idea that has yet to take effect, a local police official said, “So this idea is to lessen the burden of the authorities. We did a sort of innovation in which authorities posted on checkpoints will able to find out whether the motorcycle is [legal].”      

In addition to the license plate idea, cops are suggesting that passengers on bikes wear VIA stickers that will serve as a vehicle identification sticker authenticity and that riders not be allowed to use helmets with tinted visors.