Kentucky Motorcycle Shop Reaping the Benefits of Daytona, Other Bike Events

The Bike Shop in Lexington, Kentucky is building its business by doing more than providing top-rate maintenance service to its customers; it is paying attention to event calendars to make sure that it takes advantage of motorcycle-themed happenings such as the Daytona Bike Week.

Speaking about this strategy and the increasing business at the Bike Shop, Lexington’s Kevin Wiley said, “Business has definitely picked up. Everybody’s getting ready for [Daytona] Bike Week. I was there a lot, and the owner finally asked if I wanted a job.”

Wiley went on to explain that the shop in the heart of the Blue Grass State truly stands out for its willingness, passion and ability to tailor its services to fit the needs of the people taking part in the various motorcycle events. “Some guys want fancy wheels, fancy paint, some guys want bigger handlebars, wider tires, just to make it personal,” Wiley added.

If you are a resident of the Blue Grass State, just remember that motorcycle insurance in Kentucky is required!