Ducati To Become Part of Volkswagen?

The rumors are swirling around Italian motorcycle maker Ducati that they are soon to join the Volkswagen family.  Audi, which became a subsidiary of Volkswagen itself in 1966, has been in talks to purchase the company and is expected to ink a deal sometime in April.

According to the source, the details to be worked out include valuation of real estate properties owned by Ducati, but nothing that’s expected to be a deal-breaker is left to be worked out. 

The deal makes a lot of sense for both companies.  Ducati has been expanding market share in all the countries it currently sells in, but has a heavy debt load.  Audi would gain the highly coveted Ducati name in two-wheeled motorsports, and a street credible name for the Volkswagen family in the sportbike market niche.

Audi is expected to offer 870 million Euros ($1.1 billion USD) for the deal.