Motorcycles…as Art!

Some of us have a calling. For example, there was Michelangelo. He sure knew what his calling was: creating art. Not just a painter, not just a sculpture, he was an artist, a creator of numerous items that that have withstood the ever-changing judgment of mankind over the span of half a millennia.

Now, we are not Michelangelo. He was a one in a billion… or more precisely, one in eight billion… However, that notwithstanding, we can appreciate those with callings who live among us. We can appreciate that Michelangelo lay upon his back up high upon scaffolding from 1508 to 1512 to produce the Sistine Chapel. We, the grey tinted hum-drum, can appreciate those who are driven to create.

Nowadays, there are many other forms of art that we too can ohh and ahh over. For example, the modern motorcycle sure can be a thing of beauty. In fact, one that is hand-made is truly a piece of art that deserves its own level of respect by riders and non riders alike.

Spain, the home of many a fine, groundbreaking artist such as Dali and Picasso is now home to the Sbay Flying 1800 its successor, the Sbay Jerry. Although the Jerry was engineered to meet the comfort needs of the everyday European commuter, it is an artful bike.

The funny thing about the Sbay Jerry is that it looks nothing like a commuter bike, although it offers a wide range of seating options. In many ways, the Jerry looks like a hybrid of a bike comprised with the tripped-down styling of a bike from the sepia days of the 50s and something, beefy and aggressively brand new.