GAP, Tire-and-Wheel Coverage Added by BMW Financial Services

Motorcyclists have a reason to smile for they now have access to additional insurance coverage options. BMW Financial Services has recently announced that it is increasing the types of motorcycle insurance coverage it is offering to include Guaranteed Asset Protection and tire-and-wheel replacement coverage.              

These new offerings will not only be available for buyers of new BMW motorcycles, but also those who are buying any used or new bike sold at a BMW dealership. The tire and wheel coverage can be purchased for periods of from one to five years to replace any bike tires or wheels that are damaged on the road.      

The GAP protects a policy holder in the event that his or her motorcycle is a complete write off or is stolen.

Speaking about the addition of these two types of coverage, Lisa McPherson, BMW Financial Services general manager of motorcycle insurance, said, “Our customers and dealers have asked us to provide these products to ensure every aspect of the BMW motorcycle ownership experience is as positive as we can make it. Products like this have existed in the marketplace, but our products are designed to meet the needs of the BMW customer and BMW dealer.”