Will Audi Get Ducati for €750 Million?

Word has lapping upon American shores that the Volkswagen Group has offered €750 million in exchange for Ducati Motor Holdings.

If this offer is accepted, the Volkswagen Group will be able to add the Ducati brand to the collection of jewels in its crown alongside its respected Audi brand. Some industry observers believe that if this purchase takes place, VG will use it as an excuse to jettison the 20% interest it currently holds in Suzuki. There is industry-wide agreement that Suzuki has never been a good fit for the German vehicle maker.

However, there is no guarantee the offer of three-quarters of a billion Euros will be accepted by Investindustrial, the owner of Ducati. Though, this bid is close to twice as much as what Investindustrial paid for the Italian bike maker, it is still a solid chunk less than one billion Euros, which is the amount at which Investindustrial has recently valued Ducati.

Here at the Motorcycle Insurance Company, we’re just waiting to see what will happen.  We’ll keep you posted!