5 Things That Affect Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Auto and motorcycle insurance is a truly opaque industry to most Americans. We all know that the bill arrives and that we have to pay it before the due date. Other than that, we only have vague ideas as to what affects how much that bill comes to. Here are five things that will affect your motorcycle insurance premiums no matter where you live in the U.S.

  1. The premiums for women are an average of 12% lower than the bill for a man.
  2. Educational level matters. The lower your education, the higher your premiums.
  3. Your credit score is one of the largest factors in most motorcycle insurance quotes, often counting more than your number of tickets. A lower score means a higher premium.
  4. Age is a factor. Drivers under 25 and over 70 pay the highest motorcycle insurance premiums.
  5. Where you live can raise your insurance premiums by as much as $1,500 per year.

Some of the factors that affect your premiums may seem sexist or discriminatory, but they have all stood up in court numerous times. The only exception is in California where it is illegal to use a person’s credit score to determine a California motorcycle insurance quote.