Helmet-Law Opponents Support (Virtual) Gagging, Silence

Anti-helmet law advocates are looking to seal shut the voice of helmet-law proponents. Unknown to many, motorcycle helmet laws have weakened in many states of the union over the past fifteen years or so. In that time, helmet laws have been completely repealed in Illinois and Iowa and been limited to over cover only young riders in a good number of other states. In total, only 19 states require that all motorcycle riders wear helmets.

This spreading of the freedom of choice is not cost free. In fact, lives have been paid with around 4,500 riders dying each year, some of whom helmetless. Now, some anti-helmet folks are hoping to keep others from learning about these frightening numbers. They are calling for a continuation of the ban that forbids federal safety agencies from lobbying state and local officials about helmet laws.

The folks feeling this way make the grownup argument that freedom of choice is more important than public health. Go here for motorcycle laws in your state.