Shoei Neotec Helmet: Best Modular on the Market?

The newly-released Shoei Neotec helmet just might be the most comfortable and useful modular helmet to hit the market thus far.

Modular helmets, the kind with flip-up face and chin protection, are designed to offer the cool, freedom of open-faced helmets while at the same time providing the protection of a full helmet. Unfortunately, most modular lids have thus far lacked in at least one of these two areas. They either are too noisy and flimsy-feeling when the front is flipped open, or not secure and protective enough when closed. However, early reviews of the Shoei Neotec helmet are saying that this lid is a winner in both areas.

The newest Neotec has been updated to be wider and taller. It suffers from less wind noise than previous models and has large enough ear pockets to house a communications system, an internal sun visor, and a removable liner system. Shoei says this Neotec is “The next level of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.”

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