Bridgestone’s Tires Fail at Assen MotoGP

MotoGP racers Valentino Rossi and Ben Spies were hit by a bad case of tire failure when weighty chucks of their Bridgestone’s flew off their rear tires at Assen a week ago. Rossi’s tire failure was so acute that he had to pit to get a replacement tire.

The tire problem undoubtedly brought back bad memories to Spies who still sports the scars left from a brutal 300 kmh crash he had when his tire failed at Daytona in 2003. Obviously, no one wishes for a recurrence of these possibly-disastrous failures. Bridgestone technicians back in Japan have come up with some preliminary thoughts on the cause for the failures: heat. Bridgestone says that the riders who had the highest tire temperatures are the riders whose tires had the largest problems.

Tire temperature is the result of the temperate and the riding style. Riders who spin their tires more have higher temperatures.