Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road

Neil Peart is a name many of us know for being one of the top rock drummers of all time. However, this member of Rush is no one trick pony. He is also a very experienced motorcyclists and a talented writer. Actually, those who have listened to the hours-worth of lyrics he has written over the decades are already well aware that Peart is a well-read individual.

Peart has recently finished the book, Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road, that shares with the reader the journey Peart un-expectantly found himself upon after both his daughter and his wife died within less than a year-length period. The younger died in a car accident on the way to college, while his wife was lost to cancer.

Peart takes to the road as a self-described Ghost Rider, a hollowed-out spirit who is unsure of his own existence in the hope that he will be able to once again find a purpose to keep on keeping on. Astraddle his R1100GS, he crisscrosses North America and down into Mexico and Belize, with many of the moths he is road-bound being spent in the southwest desert and the Canadian wilderness.

Those who travel via armchair, or love to ride or even those who have a desire to see how at least one lost fellow fought his way back to life through the grieving process will enjoy this long, 458 pages, book.