The Locking Carabiner: Helmetlok

A new take on a device that many motorcyclists already have on hand is giving riders a new and simple way to lock their helmets safely to their rides. Helmetlok is a carbariner that opens outward and has a latch that locks with a built in combination lock. Moreover, there is an optional 3mm-diameter, 6′ nylon-coated, coiled cable that the carabiner can lock securely.

By having a latch that opens outward, the Helmetlok is able to latch around any part of a motorcycle measuring 1 1/8th of an inch in diameter or less. The aluminum with a zinc alloy device is available in black, red and chrome. There is also a rubberized model. The Helmetlok sells for $20 or $25, while the cable goes for $5 or $8.