The Gyro-Stabilized Electric Motorcycle Has Arrived

Lit Motors, a San Francisco start-up, has created a prototype for what it says is the planet’s first gyro-stabilized electric motorcycle.

According to the start up, the C-1 electric vehicle will provide the thrills of a motorcycle along with the convenience and much of the safety of a four-wheeled vehicle. A Lit Motors spokesman describes the motorcycle as being a fully-enclosed, self-balancing electric vehicle.

Lit Motors says that a single $1.00 charge will give a rider a range of 200 miles. It is also powerful and roomy enough to carry a second passenger and groceries. Amazingly, it has been fitted with airbags, a steering wheel, bucket seats, and steel-reinforced doors. Lit Motors hopes to start production in 2014 and sell it for somewhere around $19,000.