TCX R-S2 Race Boot: Precise Fit with Ease

Early wearers of the TCX R-S2 race boot are finding it to be a boot that is comfortable and easy to adjust due to its Precise Air Fit System (PAFS).

Once the boot’s exterior has been closed with its Velcro and zipper fasteners, a wearer is can add air into the boots interior with the boot’s air pump. When worn with riding socks, the air chambers meld to the shape of the rider’s shin and foot region to create a precise, yet comfortable fit. Conversely, if a rider pumps too much air into the boot, he can use the release valve to let some air escape in order to secure the proper fit. To take off the boot easily, all a rider has to do is release all of the air from the bladders.

Reviewers are reporting that the snug boots are comfortable enough to wear all day on the track due to its PAFS, lighter overall weight and a new upper joint fixture that has increased the mobility of this new boot over previous models.