Triumph Highway 2 Boots: for the Cruiser, Classic Bike

Triumph has finally released a revision of its original Highway boot that, while it still has that classic roadman look, is more comfortable and has an improved fit.

In the motorcycle world, Triumph fans are just as loyal as are the fans of BMW and Harley-Davidson, so it is good to see that the Highway 2 Boot is not a huge departure from a boot that was in no way broken. Still straightforwardly simple, the Highway 2 is made of thick, substantial pieces of leather that are put together to form fine lines and hold nicely done details such as the faint, embossed logos on the heel cups and shafts.

The 2s are equipped with an upper buckle and a lower buckle that do allow for a wearer to adjust them for maximum comfort and fit. Their soles, being made for motorcycle riding a stiff, though curved enough to be comfortable while walking.

The Triumph Highway 2 boots retail for from $169.99 to $179.99.