Zero Electric Motorcycles Making Grand Strides

Consumer Reports is jumping on the electric motorcycle parade at least when it comes to Zero Motorcycles.

Bringing the same love it showed and continues to show Tesla Motors, the maker of the award-winning electric car the Tesla S sedan, Consumer Reports recently tested Zero’s entry-level XU, Zero S street fighter, Zero DS dual sport, and Zero FX stealth fighter. The Consumer Reports testers found that the new Zero lineup is made up of bikes that feel and look more like “real” motorcycles than they had ever done before. Moreover, the Zero bikes, being light weight and featuring shiftless electric drive, are extremely rider friendly.

Speaking about just how improved the new electric motorcycles are, Senior Auto Test Engineer Gabe Shenhar said:  “I thought I might miss the tingle and sound of a real motorcycle, but the lack of vibration throughout your body is a breath of fresh air.” At the same time, Senior Associate Editor Eric Evarts added that Zeroes are “really easy to ride, with effortless and silent acceleration.”

Consumer Reports engineer Marc McEntee, even more gushing in his praise, said, “The new models are not evolutionary, but revolutionary. They are real motorcycles with electric motors. They accelerate, brake, and feel like the real thing.”