San Jose State University Goes Green, Quiet with Police Electric Motorcycles

The motorcycle cops of San Jose State University have a new fleet of two-wheelers to ride, Zero electric motorcycles. 

At least one SJSU cop is on board with the new bikes. “It’s smaller. It’s more maneuverable. It’s deathly quiet so we can approach people, get up into situations more easily,” said SJSU Police Captain Alan Cavallo, who was a motorcycle cop for the city of San Jose. He was hired by the university to start a law enforcement motorcycle unit.

When starting the unit, Cavallo decided to forgo the gas-powered motorcycles he was used to and instead go with a fleet of electric motorcycles. Made by Zero, a small local company, the bikes can, according to Cavallo, patrol a full 12-hour shift on a single charge and have a top speed of 75 miles per hour. SJSU Police Office Paul Marshall likes the bikes as well. “They get up, and they move just like any other motorcycle… We can get through traffic quite quickly, and we can get up and going when we need to,” Marshall said.

Marshall added that perhaps the biggest benefit to riding electric motorcycles is that citizens love to ask questions about the bikes since most people have never seen one. “My favorite thing about this,” Marshall said, “Is interacting with the public and answering questions they have.”