Motorcycle Insurance For Teens – Getting Discounts

If you owned a motorcycle as a teen, then you probably remember that motorcycle insurance for teenagers — especially males — is astronomical. Teens are the highest risk riders on the road. Let’s look at some of the ways to save.

  • Picking The Right Bike: Many teens want to put themselves in the saddle of a 600cc sportbike. Of course, this is too much power for a novice rider, especially one who thinks he is invincible. Even a teenager with a lot of off-road riding experience may find that those bike-handling skills do not translate so readily to the unique dangers and risks of street-riding. Additionally, sportbikes with teen riders have just incredibly high insurance premiums. Picking a smaller displacement, lower-power bike is perhaps the singlemost easiest way to save on motorcycle insurance for teen riders.
  • Adding Teen to Parent’s Policy:  Putting a teenager’s insurance on his or her parent’s policy will often be cheaper than the teen getting their own individual policy. Multi-vehicle policies comes with discounts.
  • Attending an MSF Course: This should be mandatory. Not only are the foundational skills invaluable, nearly all motorcycle insurance companies under the sun offer discounts for attending Motorcycle Safety Courses.
  • Becoming an MSF Instructor: If a teen can achieve instructor status, he or she may be eligible for even greater insurance savings. Moreover, they will have a neat way to make an extra buck and further increase their riding and safety skills.