Number of Motorcyclists Rises 25% in UK

Research is showing that the number of motorcyclists on UK road rose nearly 25% last year. The primary reasons sited for the switch to two wheels were:

  • Saving Money on Gas (or “Petrol” in the UK)
  • Saving Money on Insurance

The Financial Savings of Commuting on Two Wheels Instead of Four

Both of these are, of course, closely related to the global economic climate, and the increased percentage of people who are taking proactive steps to cut spending in their everyday life. In addition to those citizens who did switch to motorcycles or mopeds as their primary mode of transportation, a further 13% stated that they were considering doing so.

The Importance of Being Insured

Further studies have shown that 20% of road accidents in the UK involve motorcycles, mopeds, or scooters — figures comparable to those in the US. This only underscores the need to get your bike insured by a trusted motorcycle insurance company, as motorcyclists typically only account for about 1% of all people on the road.