The Motorcycles in Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy aired last night on FX. If you ride motorcycles — especially an H-D, custom, or metric cruiser — then you have probably watched this show. It follows the members of the Sons Of Anarchy (SOA), an outlaw motorcycle club headquartered in the fictional town of Charming, California.

In honor of the third season premier, let’s take a look at the actual motorcycles from Sons of Anarchy. Most of all of the bikes are Harley-Davidson Dynas, but each has been customized to reflect the personality of its rider. In contrast to the fat-tired chromed leviathans that became so popular
in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s, these Dynas have little chrome or
flashy bits. As the executive producer has stated: “Their bikes are straight up outlaw…built for efficiency and riding comfort.”

  • Jax rides a 2010 H-D FXD Dyna Custom. He’s running a fairing that’s popular with West Coast bikers, especially in the Santa Barbara area, along with 9″ risers and drag bars. The motor is mostly blacked-out, and his tank has been painted with an image of a grim reaper.
  • Clay rides a 2008 Dyna that is somewhat less customized. He’s running a Thunderheader exhaust and a forward-facing air cleaner with cannon filter. He runs the full SOA logo with the SAMCRO banner.
  • Bobby Elvis, as opposed to the other guys, runs a custom bobber look with a hardtail frame, ape hangers, springer fork, open primary, and spoked wheels. This bike would not be real comfortable for long distance, but it looks totally bada$$.
  • Opie rides a 2003 Dyna with a Badlander seat, risers & dragbars, wrapped exhaust, and an SOA logo on top of piled skulls.
  • Chibs runs Z-bars instead of the risers & dragbars that many of the other MC members prefer. He’s got an 88″ twin cam motor, no Thunderheader exhaust, and a Scottish flag on his saddle. His tank flies an anarchy “A” symbol.
  • Half Sack’s bike, as he says, is a little “ghetto-fabulous.” It’s the only white bike of the crew, with whitewall tires and a chrome exhaust. His tank carries a run of the mill Harley-Davidson logo.
  • TIG’s bike is a Dyna with a modified 96″ motor. He runs a lot of H-D skull and chrome accessories, along with a Thunderheader exhaust, aftermarket cam, and tweaked computer programming.  His tank runs a dark and simple SOA logo. He claims it’s the fastest bike of the lot.
  • Juice runs the biggest engine:  a 110″ motor with Mikuni carb and forward-facing air intake with K&N filter. He is sort of the “geek” of the bunch at heart, and he has an iPod holder with tiny speakers set inside his fairing. His logo runs a big “skife” — the scythe/knife that graces the end of the M-16 in the MC’s logo.
  • Piney rides a trike due to age and health issue. He’s got what looks like a missile launcher on the back of the bike — it actually holds his O2 tank!

So those are the bikes from Sons of Anarchy. Watch the show 10PM on Tuesdays on FX this fall. Now I just wonder what motorcycle insurance co has elected to insure these outlaws!