Track Day Technical Inspections

Tech inspections often seem like a pain, and they can be nerve-wracking, but they are essential for ensuring the safety of every rider on the track. Without catch cans and nonslip coolant, for instance, a crash could spread a traction-breaking slick across the track, allowing one rider’s low-side to cause an entire pile-up. At the very least, the track would have to be shut down for cleaning.

The 3 core elements to most tech inspections:

  1. Switching out Coolant
  2. Installing Catch-Cans
  3. Drilling and Safety Wiring

For the most part, these keep lubricants and coolant inside your bike and off the tarmac. If it’s your first time and you have any linger doubts about the last night’s handiwork, show up to the track early and consult the first old pro you can find. See if he or she will give your bike a once-over. That way, you can make certain beforehand that passing tech inspection will be a breeze.

Getting ready for tech inspection the night before a track day is part of the whole experience. Just think of wiring up your bike as renewing your motorcycle insurance policy – it’s not always a lot of fun, but it keeps you safe.