Sporty Big-Twin Custom Wins World Championship

The 2010 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building displayed a styling trend that seems to mirror the hard-hit US economy.  Gone are the unrideable, fat-tired chrome leviathans that became popular on TV shows that played like soap operas.  Yes, we all watched them.  But the American populace has had to learn to be leaner and meaner with their budgets, their spending, and the bike which won the 2010 manufacturer class was just that:  spare, sporty, matte-painted with touches of gold.  No chrome, 465 lbs, and a 110″ RevTech V-Twin.

It was built by Sergio Bayarri of Sbay Motorcycle Company of Spain.  The company is planning a production run of 250 units, price unknown.  Do you have a custom bike?  Find a motorcycle insurance company willing to insure your baby at the best rate.  Let insurers compete for your business.  It’s the smartest way to go.