Knowing Your Motorcycle Coverage Exclusions

Most motorcycle insurance policies come with “exclusions” — these are scenarios, acts, or uses of your bike for which the insurance company has said they will not cover you. This minimizes insurer risk, and could significantly increase your own liability if you don’t know which exclusions are written into your policy. Additionally, policy exclusions can be revised when you renew your coverage each year, and you may not even realize it unless you read the finest of the fine print.

Some exclusions are commonsense.  Common ones may include:

  • Using your motorcycle as a taxi
  • Participating in organized racing
  • Using your motorcycle pursuant to a criminal act

Less common exclusions, however, could be grounds for a little irritation, such as coverage exclusions for…

  • Riding in a charity ride
  • Passengers not being covered for bodily injury if you are the party at fault in an accident
  • Helmets and safety gear not being covered if damaged

Before you sign the dotted line on a new policy, make sure you ask your motorcycle insurance company which exclusions they place on your coverage.