Allstate “Bikes Never Crash Alone” Song

Whether you ride a motorcycle or not, Allstate’s “Ghost Bikes” commercials have probably caught your attention. They depict riderless motorcycles crashing into bus stops, boulders, and cartwheeling down freeway tunnels. The slow-motion destruction is eerily beautiful and haunting, and the slide-guitar soundtrack only heightens the effect. Many viewers have been curious about the “Bikes Never Crash Alone” song – who wrote it? How can we listen to more of it?

Credit must go to ad agency Leo Burnett for the TV spot as a whole, but the “Ghost Bikes” song was the work of an NYC-based team:  Tony Graci and James Leibow, in collaboration with Human Music and Sound Design. Graci has an accomplished portfolio of commercial, serving as an ad music composer for such big names as Guinness and VW. Graci is a drummer first and foremost, he says, but he did the Allstate song with his National Resophonic slide guitar. You can visit his website here:

Overall, the Ghost Bikes ad campaign is definitely thought-provoking – too much so for some viewers who have been traumatically involved in motorcycle accidents. No one should ride without motorcycle insurance, of course, but hopefully these ads will also encourage motorcyclists to be doubly safe on the roads, and automobile (or “cage”) drivers to be especially aware of their two-wheeled neighbors.