Track Day Motorcycle Insurance

Track Day Motorcycle InsuranceIf you plan on attending any track days on your bike, you have probably wondered whether track day motorcycle insurance is available. In the UK, there are specialized motorsports insurance companies that cover track days and racing – we are not so lucky here in the US.

Racing Exclusions

Most US motorcycle insurance companies have specific exclusions for racing. This means your bike will not be covered in the event of damage sustained during an organized racing event. However, some insurers define racing differently than others, and this legal language lies at the crux of whether your bike will be insured or not during a track day.

Some insurers define “racing” as a timed event for which you are eligible to receive compensation. Most track days are not timed, and obviously, the cashflow at an track day event flows out of your pocket, not into it. So although you may not have dedicated track day motorcycle insurance, your bike could be covered under an existing policy.

Policies That Cover Track Days

If your existing policy does cover track days, or you want a policy that does cover them, you can use our website to compare policies from leading insurers like GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, and others. To get started, just enter your zip code below and click Get Rates. Be sure to read each policy carefully and/or speak directly with an agent from each provider to determine whether your bike will be covered or not.