Enduro at Erzberg: EPIC!

If you get FuelTV in your cable package, you should keep an eye out for the episode of Insane Cinema titled “Tougher Than Iron.” It follows a number of American MX and FMX stars, such as Travis Pastrana and Jeremy McGrath, as they undertake the journey to Austria to tackle the Enduro at Erzberg, the single most extreme and painful endurocross in the world. The results are nothing short of EPIC. Nowhere else in motorcycle racing does a course so humble a fleet of world-class racers. The course itself is known as the “Iron Giant,” and only a handful of the hundreds of enduro riders who begin the race each year will actually finish. Within a half hour of the race’s start, the course becomes a smoking hillside of overturned machines and muddied, bloodied men.

To sweeten the pot, we get to see a friendly – if determined – contest between two Supercross legends:  McGrath and Pastrana.

Too bad these guys can’t cover their bikes with dual-sport insurance, but you can!