Suzuki Motorcycle Insurance

Suzuki Motorcycle InsuranceSuzuki’s first motorcycle was a motorized bicycle powered by a 36cc, 1 hp 2-stroke engine. It was produced in 1952 and called the “Power Free.” By 1954, the company was manufacturing more than 6000 motorcycles per month and already accruing racing victories.

Suzuki would go on to become the first Japanese OEM to win a motocross world championship, and they would establish a road-racing heritage that continues to stand on podiums from AMA to MotoGP.

Insuring Your Suzuki Motorcycle

Don’t pay too much to insure your Suzuki. Whether you ride the entry-level GZ250 or the mighty Hayabusa, we can help you find the best rates possible on Suzuki motorcycle insurance. How? By allowing you to compare rates and policies between a multitude of class-leading insurers. To get started, submit your zip code in the field provided. We will match you to Suzuki motorcycle insurers who are competing for your business – online!

Suzuki GSXR Insurance

The Suzuki GSX-R series of sportbikes are known to be especially expensive to insure. Whether you ride a GSX-R600, GSX-R750, or GSX-R1000, you can minimize your insurance rates by keeping a clean driving record, keeping multiple bikes under a single policy, and by comparing Suzuki motorcycle insurance rates online.

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