Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are great fun to ride, but having your bike insured is crucial. Whether you ride a sportbike or a custom, Motorcycle Insurance Co will assist you in finding the most affordable Connecticut motorcycle insurance rates and get your bike insured in just a few minutes minutes. Best of all: there are zero hassles or fees for using our service. Just enter your zip code to get started. There’s nothing to lose! You can see today’s motorcycle insurers and request personalized quotes from them in a matter of seconds.

CT Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Residents of Connecticut must have a motorcycle insurance policy before hitting the road. As in most states, the penalty for driving without coverage is significant. As far as minimum insurance goes, Connecticut bodily injury and property damage liability limits are, respectively: $20K/$40K/$10K. These are somewhat lower than what we see in many other states. The first two numbers refer to the bodily injury limits for a single individual and then all injuries combined. The last amount is the minimum liability amount for damage to property.

Helmet Laws in Connecticut

In Connecticut, only riders 18 years and older can ride without a helmet. There is no exemption for scooters and mopeds. Despite the law in this state, we advise all riders of all ages to wear a helmet at all times. Moreover, full-face helmets are smartest, even if they look less stylish on a cruiser.

Insurance against Theft

Theft is always a worry with motorcycles. They are simply easier to steal than cars, and easier for the perpetrators to hide from police and irate owners. Consider opting for a full coverage motorcycle insurance policy that will give you financial restitution in the event of a theft. You might not think you need it…until you do.