Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance

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Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Motorcycle insurance IS required in the state of Hawaii. Never ride uninsured. It’s dangerous for you, your bike, and your family. As far as minimum insurance goes, Hawaii bodily injury and property damage liability limits are, respectively: $20,000/$40,000/$10,000. That first amount refers to the bodily injury limit for one person. The second refers to all injuries to all parties in the accident. The last amount is the minimum liability amount for damage to property.

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet in Hawaii?

Hawaiian motorcyclists 17 years and younger MUST wear helmets. Those 18 years and older may be tempted to go helmet-less since the law does not legally require them to wear a helmet. This is especially true in the hot, sunny climate for which Hawaii is known. But DON’T be tempted to forgo your helmet. We recommend that all riders where a helmet at all times. Head trauma is simply too ugly a prospect to ride sans helmet.

Islands of Hawaii: Coverage

No matter which island you live on, we can help you get insured.

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