Louisiana Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are great fun to ride, but having your bike insured is essential. Whether you ride a sportbike or a cruiser, Motorcycle Insurance Co can help you find the most affordable Louisiana motorcycle insurance rates . Then apply and get approved for your policy in just a few minutes minutes — 100% free.

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In order to secure the best premiums on motorcycle insurance in Louisiana, you want to see comparison rate quotes from competing insurers. Here at Motorcycle Insurance Co, you can utilize our quoting engine to get current rates in real-time.

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Louisiana Motorcycle Insurance Laws

In Louisiana, you are required to have insurance coverage for your bike. As in most states, the penalty for riding without coverage is significant. Below we’ve listed the minimum requirements, but please consider uninsured motorist coverage, as far too many un- or underinsured drivers are on the roads in Louisiana.

  • $10,000: Bodily Injury Liability for Single Person
  • $20,000: Bodily Injury Liability for All Injuries
  • $10,000: Property Damage Liability

Louisiana Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Louisiana does not allow any riders of any age to ride without a helmet. All motorcyclists must wear an approved helmet. There are no exemptions for bikes with limited power, displacement, or speed.

Major Motorcycling Cities in Louisiana

No matter where you live in Louisiana, Motorcycle Insurance Co is there for you. Several of our high-traffic areas include:

  • Motorcycle Insurance New Orleans
  • Motorcycle Insurance Shreveport
  • Motorcycle Insurance Baton Rouge

Theft Protection

Motorcycles, as you probably know, are subject to high rates of theft. Remember, liability insurance will not help you in the event of theft or collision. Consider a more comprehensive policy that covers you financially if your bike is stolen or damaged.

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