Maine Motorcycle Insurance

Looking for Maine motorcycle insurance? Then you have come to the right place. Motorcycle Insurance Co can assist you in finding the lowest cost Maine motorcycle insurance rates and get your bike insured in less than 5 minutes — online.

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Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Maine

To get the best deal on Maine motorcycle insurance, you need to see comparison rate quotes from multiple insurers. At Motorcycle Insurance Co., we allow you to do just that.

All you have to do is enter your zip code or state of residence and click Get Started. Competing motorcycle insurers currently offering coverage in your location will be displayed in real-time. Then click GO On each one to view personalized prices.

Maine Motorcycle Insurance Requirements?

In Maine, as in most states, liability insurance is required. The state minimums for bodily injury liability for one person, for the entire accident, and property damage liability are as follows: $50K/$100K/$25K, PLUS $1000/person for medical payments. These represent the highest bodily injury liability minimums of any state in the US.

Helmet Laws in Maine

Like many states, Maine requires riders aged 17 years and younger to wear helmets. The only cycles not covered by the helmet law are those with 50cc or smaller displacement, or less than 1500 in power. Be that as it may, we at Motorcycle Insurance Co. encourage you to wear a helmet at all times. It can significantly reduce the risk of head trauma during an accident, and you should also know that it’s better for your wallet. If you get into an accident and are not wearing a helmet, many motorcycle insurers will steeply increase your rates. For both your head and your bank account, wear a helmet.

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