Michigan Motorcycle Insurance

Searching for motorcycle insurance in Michigan? Then you have come to the right place. Motorcycle Insurance Co Can help you find the cheapest Michigan motorcycle insurance rates . Then apply and get approved for your policy in just minutes minutes.

Advantages of our System

  • Compare Rates from Multiple Insurers
  • Real-Time Results
  • Zero Hassles

To get the best deal on your policy, you want to compare rate quotes from multiple insurers. At Motorcycle Insurance Co, you can utilize our quoting engine to see current rates in in a matter of seconds.

Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Like most states, Michigan’s DMV requires that you carry insurance coverage on your bike.

Michigan bodily injury and property damage liability minimum requirements:

  • $20,000 (for individual)
  • $40,000 (for all parties)
  • $10,000 (for property damage)

Remember, these are just minimum liability requirements. We recommend a full coverage policy to protect your bike against theft, collision, etc.

Helmet Laws in Michigan

In Michigan, all riders are required to wear helmets when operating their motorcycles. With the change in the economy, more people are opting for scooters and low-power alternatives to save on gas. Some states have different rules for these vehicles. In Michigan, the only low-power vehicles which are exempt from the helmet law meet these requirements:

  • Engine Displacement of Less than 50cc
  • Less than 2 Horsepower
  • Max Speed of Less than 30 MPH

If the rider is 18 or younger, they STILL have to wear a helmet if the cycle meets the above specifications.

Regions of Michigan We Service

No matter where you live in Michigan, Motorcycle Insurance Co is there for you. Several of our high-traffic areas include:

  • Motorcycle Insurance Detroit, MI
  • Motorcycle Insurance Flint, MI
  • Motorcycle Insurance Lansing, MI
  • Motorcycle Insurance Grand Rapids, MI
  • Motorcycle Insurance Ann Arbor, MI

Buying a Used Motorcycle – A Guide

When buying a used bike in Michigan, you want to use a checklist to make sure you get a good deal.

  • Do your homework. Research models online, talk to owners, and make sure you are getting the right bike for your budget, your riding style, and your experience level.
  • Make sure VINs match. Check to ensure that the VIN number on the title, the frame, and the motor all match.
  • Inspect tire wear. You want at minimum 1/16″ tread. Needing to buy and install new tires can add a lot to the effective cost of the bike.
  • Inspect bearing play. If you can, put the bike on its centerstand and check for play in the steering head. You can also check for side to side play in the rear wheel, a sign of wear in the swingarm bearings. Any play is bad.
  • Check maintenance records. If there is nothing written, request a verbal account of the bike’s maintenance history.
  • Inspect air filter and fluids. Filter should be clean.. As for fluids, discolored brake fluids, darkened or dirty oil, or low coolant levels are all bad signs. If these regular maintenance details haven’t been carried out, the bike’s reliability could be compromised.
  • Give the bike a test run. Run through the gearbox. Listen for strange engine sounds and be wary of burning smells.
  • Negotiation is key. Don’t just accept the asking price, especially if you found any problems with the bike during inspection. Any issues you find running through your checklist are opportunities for getting the price down.

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