Rhode Island Motorcycle Insurance

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To get the best deal on Rhode Island motorcycle insurance, you need to see comparison of rates from multiple insurers. At Motorcycle Insurance Co., we allow you to do just that. To get started, all you have to do is enter your zip code. Competing insurers who offer coverage in your location will be displayed.

RI Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Residents of Rhode Island must have a motorcycle insurance policy before hitting the road. As far as minimum insurance goes, Rhode Island bodily injury and property damage liability limits are, respectively: $25K/$50K/$25K. The first two numbers are the bodily injury limits for a single individual and for all injuries combined. The last amount is property damage liablity. Although liability coverage is mandatory, we recommend expand your policy to include additional coverages, such as uninsured motorist in case you get hit by someone without insurance (14% of RI drivers are uninsured).

Rhode Island Helmet Laws

In Rhode Island, all riders 20 years and younger are required to wear helmets when operating a motorcycle on a public road. This motorcycle helmet law covers all powered cycles with engine displacement of more than 50cc, horsepower more than 4.9 bhp, or maximum speed of greater than 30 mph. Furthermore, the helmet law covers all passengers (regardless of age), as well as all operators during their first year of having a motorcycle license (also regardless of age).

Like many Motorcycle insurance companies, we encourage all riders to wear a helmet at all times, no matter the law in your state of residence.

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