Electric Motorcycle Insurance

Electric Motorcycle InsuranceDid you realize there are many more all-electric motorcycles available on the US market than all-electric cars? Not only that, there are electric streetbikes, electric dual sports, electric supermoto bikes, electric dirt bikes, and electric race bikes available from a host of manufacturers. Several of the leading electric motorcycle makers are:

  • Zero Motorcycles
  • Brammo Inc.
  • Quantya
  • Mission Motors

Motorcycle Insurance for Electric Bikes

Although electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly affordable (and they obviously save on fuel costs), most models cost significantly more than $10,000. High MSRP sometimes translates to high insurance rates. However, some insurers are now offering discounts on electric motorcycle insurance. To get the best policy for your electric bike, it is best practice to make a comparison between rates and discounts offered by a wide selection of motorcycle insurance companies. We have teamed up with most of the leading insurers to allow our customers to compare policies and rates – online! Submit your zip code to get started.

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