Track Bike Insurance

Track Bike InsuranceIf you have a dedicated track bike, you have probably considered insuring it. Obviously, insuring a track or race bike is a risky undertaking for the insurers themselves, and few of them – if any – provide true track bike insurance. However, there are specific scenarios in which your bike may be insured.

Street-Legal Track Bikes:

If your track bike is street-legal and registered for on-road use, your regular motorcycle insurance policy will, without fail, have specific exclusions for racing and track use – no matter who underwrites it. However, the definition of racing varies between companies. If the track event is a part of riding school, or if the event is non-timed, your policy may cover your bike. For more information on whether your street-legal bike will be covered for track use, check out our article on Track Day Motorcycle Insurance.

Non-Registered Track/Race Bikes:

If your bike is a track-only machine, then you will have a very difficult time finding anyone willing to insure it – at least against damage sustained during track riding. That said, many riders are concerned with their track bikes being stolen. Some insurers will allow you to get track bike insurance against theft, without having to worry about state minimums for liability coverage, etc (since the bike won’t be ridden on the street). This is great, as many owners have reported that their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy will not cover their bikes if they are stolen from their garage, their trailer, or their RV during a race weekend.

Companies That Insure Track Bikes

The only way to find a policy that fits your track-riding needs is to explore the options offered by multiple insurers. Here at The Motorcycle Insurance Company, we allow you to compare policies online, as well as speak with agents from a wide spectrum of leading motorcycle insurers. Just enter your zip code below to get started. You will be able to choose from an array of insurers who are actually competing for your business on our website. Pick the ones you want to explore. There’s no charge, and best of all, you won’t be stuck with cage-oriented insurance companies. We direct you to specific powersports departments, as well as motorcycle-savvy agents.

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